Photographer & Friend

Brian Shofner

It might seem completely strange to consider a professional you’ve hired to work at your wedding a friend. However, it makes sense when you think about it. The photographer you hire is going to be with you through it all on the wedding day. He or she will be there when your father sees you for the first time and everybody starts tearing up, when you and your girls are recounting stories that can’t be repeated, when the zipper gets stuck on a bridesmaid’s dress, and when you put that dress on and think “I’ve never looked more beautiful.” Do you really want a stranger in the room with a camera or do you want a friend – someone you’ve become comfortable with.

If you’re here, you likely don’t have a good photographer friend, so I’m here to fill that spot. We obviously aren’t great friends, but we’ve just met. Let’s give it some time. I’m going to be the friend you can trust, who’s looking out for you and who’s going to deliver those wedding day images you’re going to cherish forever!

Tangible & Timeless


As your new friend and photographer I can’t in good conscious just give you digital files. Did you know digital files will absolutely corrupt? If I only give you digital files, I’m basically giving you the most cherished memories you have like it’s a Mission Impossible assignment that will self-destruct. I can’t do that to ya friend!

Knowing you want those digital files to share online and get small prints, I’m going to absolutely give them to you, but since we’re friends, I’m gonna go a step much, much further. I’m going to give you a one-of-a-kind, hand made book that is filled with archival-quality pages printed with your favorite wedding day memories. This book won’t corrupt, and won’t become obsolete like CDs and USBs. Your great grandkids are going to be flipping through these art-filled pages instead of looking at a USB full of corrupted files wondering if you used to live in the stone age.

No thanks necessary – that’s what friends are for!

Ricky and Emily

Ricky and Emily

The Experience


Jon and Cassie on their wedding day

Jon and Cassie


Communication is a big part of producing great images. Since we’re friends and all, we communicate great! I’m going to tell you what’s needed, what’s a waste of money, what makes you look good and what will work in your wedding day schedule. In return, you’re gonna feel free to let me know what you like or don’t, whether you think something is a waste of money or totally worth it. We’re going to collaborate! This open, guilt-free communication is going to lead to the best experience you can have.

I’m an expert in the field of photography – I’ve been doing it for a ton of years. Wouldn’t it be great to call me friend and have me help guide you through the whole process? That’s what I want to do for you. I’m so excited you’ve got that ring on your finger and are about to start a remarkable journey with the love of your life. Let me be the friend who helps document that start for you.

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