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Five Great Locations For An Engagement Session

San Antonio is littered with great photo spots so I could probably do this list five times over. These locations are by no means a secret (maybe I’ll get that list going and publish it later), but these locations are versatile. You can get a bunch of different looks and stay in the same basic area, which I think makes them great.

Cibolo Nature Center

This is great place that has tall grass, a beautiful creak and a great tree line for backdrops. The creek is surrounded by trees that allow light streaks to come through and add lots of visual interest to the image. I’ve been shooting out there for about five years and it has since become a pretty popular photo destination so it might be best to go on a weekday. Here’s a few recent shots from Cibolo Nature Center of Matt and Meagan (click for full size image):

La Villita

If you want the authentic look of San Antonio with plenty of charm, this is a great place to have an engagement session. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to find unique spots. There’s also a cool little church you can go in and get some interesting shots. Be sure to check the La Villita website and see what’s going on, because there seems to be something always happening. Parking can sometimes be an issue as well, but I usually don’t have any problems. Here’s a few shots from Nick and Felicia’s engagement session at La Villita (click for full size image):

McNay Art Museum

Not an outdoorsy kind of person or don’t want a location that screams San Antonio? The McNay Art Museum is a great option. This is the first location on the list that costs money however. If you want to shoot on the grounds of the museum, it’s $20 and if you want to shoot on the inside, it’s $100. This is also a popular spot, but the grounds are large and there’s a huge variety of different looks you can achieve. Here’s a few shots from Jacob and Cyndi’s engagement session at the McNay (click for full size image):

San Antonio Missions

We’re back to the authentic San Antonio feel. My personal favorite is the San Juan Capistrano. It’s the one that’s most unique of the missions in my opinion. Mission San Jose is probably the most popular from a tourist and photography hotspot as well. The last mission I’ll highlight is Espada which is much less crowded than San Jose. I’ve done a single engagement session that hit all three of those missions and the Alamo. Here’s some images from Jose and Kat’s engagement session (click for full size image):

A Different City

Surprise! San Antonio has a lot of great locations, but we don’t have them all. From Houston to Austin, Dallas to Galveston, there are a lot of great locations in Texas, but I’ll even recommend a location outside of our great state – New Orleans. Each city has their own culture, vibe and look that may compliment your own or be a complete change of pace for you. Either way, you should always keep your options open and don’t just limit yourself to the friendly confines of the San Antonio area. Here’s a selection of images from all those cities I listed above (click for full size image):

Interested in your own engagement session? I’ve got a bunch ideas I’d love to talk to you about, just contact me and we can set up a time.

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