Bridal Session at McNay Art Museum and St Anthony Hotel

Meagan and Lance have actually been married for 10 months, so this bridal session was unique in that it involved the groom as well. We took advantage to create some great portraits that you never have time for on the wedding day.

This session actually took place over a couple of days and two locations – the McNay Art Museum and the St. Anthony Hotel in downtown San Antonio. Meagan was a trooper as it’s not easy to wear a bridal dress for a couple of hours, much less do it twice. Her effort was worth the time as we came away with some great photos. Here’s a few of my faves.

McNay Art Museum

Bride and Groom on the stairs at the McNay Art Museum

This was the obvious shot when I first saw this room. The stairs show off the flow of the dress having Lance look at his bride keeps all the attention on her, just as it should be.

Bride and Groom embrace in McNay Art Museum

Meagan had the idea for this shot and they did a great job executing. I simply had to set up the light and snap the shot on this one.

Bride and Groom Upstairs at McNay Art Museum

I think this shot made Lance’s iPhone background so he’s a fan and so am I. This is another shot where Lance and Meagan totally brought it and sold the shot.

Bride and Groom next to window at McNay Art Museum

This is my favorite shot from the McNay. The light from the window is dramatic and simple making this couple look stunning.

St. Anthony Hotel

Bride under chandelier in St Anthony Hotel in San Antonio

I’m going to lead off with my favorite from St. Anthony. The large doors backlit Meagan which shows her legs through the dress and the off camera light is gridded so it only hits her shoulder and face adding some unique and interesting lighting.

Bride sitting at piano in St Anthony Hotel in San Antonio

Hard to go wrong with a beautiful bride and an antique piano. St. Anthony has so many great spots to shoot, this is just another one.

Bride silhouetted in window in library at St Anthony Hotel in San Antonio

I’m a sucker for a good silhouette shot. These shots do a great job of showing off the form of the body and the reflection in the table top adds to the visual interest.

Bride reflected in mirror in library of St Anthony Hotel in San Antonio

Again with the reflections. I couldn’t resist this shot with I found the mirror. Meagan does a great job with her expression and the gridded off camera flash does the rest.

Bride sitting on couch on rooftop at St Anthony Hotel in San Antonio

This session probably set my personal record for reflection shots. Normally I wouldn’t have a bride lean away from camera, but Meagan pulls it off nicely here.

Bride reflected in mirror on rooftop of St Anthony Hotel in San Antonio

Last reflection shot I promise (actually this is the last shot period). This is the same mirrored table from the previous shot except this is the side of it and Meagan is standing about 30 feet away.

I have since photographed Lance and Meagan’s wedding celebration and will post those photos soon. If you want to see the rest of the images from Meagan’s bridal session you can check those out here.


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