The Kiddos

Who is Brian Shofner?

Brian and Karen

My Approach

I like to have fun, don't take myself seriously and think you're awesome.

With four kids and another on the way, if you take life too seriously it'll bury you. The same can happen with the pressure of wedding photography. There are no retakes. Many photographers avoid weddings because of that pressure, but that's exactly why I run to it. Being a part of those once in a lifetime moments is incredible.

Getting to know my clients through the sessions and wedding day is so much fun, it's almost criminal to be paid for it.


I've had a camera in my hands for over 20 years. That in itself doesn't make me a great wedding photographer. What does that is the passion and love I have for it.

That's what drives me to push my style, creativity and continual improvement. You should feel good knowing your wedding day is not just another task on the calendar, but like Christmas to a five year old.

All About the Family

All my decisions in life are based on spending more time and providing for my family.

Being a husband is such a cool thing. It's so great to have a best friend with you every single day and every step of the way.

Being a dad takes being a husband to a whole 'nother level. I've got four kiddos with another arriving soon and it is soooo much fun... and exhausting.

Why Photography

The memories I've made with my family, starting at the beginning on our wedding day are some of the most cherished things to me. What better task could I set my skills to than to give that to other people.

Shofner Family