Shofner Family Photo

Trevor (6), Sydney (2), Karen, Brian and Selah (4)

Family First

When I was in your shoes, I was just a young guy in my early twenties excited that the woman of my dreams actually decided to marry me. From that moment I had decided to spend all the time I possibly could with the Mrs and so I’ve always made career decisions to enable that. After 12+ years, I now have so much more as a father of four kiddos – Trevor, age 6, Selah, age 4, Sydney, age 2 and the new guy who’s working title is Trey, coming in May 2016. That’s my team. They won’t snap any photographs, edit any files or answer your emails, but they help me put the wedding day story in perspective.

I know how awesome your life is going to be after marriage (I’m so excited for you!), but I know how desperate you’ll be one day trying to remember what life was like before kids, a crazy demanding career or the latest marital spat. You’ll remember the wedding book with the photographs I captured and you’ll be brought back to that moment he first laid eyes on you walking down the aisle, or the first dance that he was so nervous about, or the goofy shenanigans you and your girlfriends pulled off on the dance floor at the reception. Maybe you’ll look at these photographs during a rough patch in your marriage and it’ll help pull you through. Maybe it’ll just put a smile on your face before you dive back in to change a diaper. I don’t know all the times you’re going to depend on these photographs down the road, I just know you are. When I photograph for a wedding, I don’t only do it for today, I do it for those times down the road. When those times come, I pray you’ll be thrilled you had me as your photographer.

Why Weddings

I‘ve been clicking the shutter for over 20 years, getting my start as a punk middle-schooler shooting on the sidelines of football games for my mom who was the high school yearbook teacher. It wasn’t until I shot my first wedding six years ago that I really starting photographing something I loved. Weddings bring me back to that day when I first saw those chapel doors swing open and there stood the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen – my wife. And then I cried for the first time in my adult life. I love capturing that for other people and I want to capture that for you.

Remembering back to the start of my family, it’s such an honor for me to be able to capture the start of yours. I’d absolutely love if you reached out to me so we could talk about your wedding day and let me capture the beginning of your family.