Engagement Session

Couple holding hands at engagement shoot at Cibolo Nature Center

Chris and Leigh looking in love at Cibolo Nature Center

The Start of Your Love Story

You may not be aware, but you’ve been writing a pretty incredible love story since you two first met. I’m sure you’ve had some plot twists along the way, but we’re about to hit one of the pinnacles in life’s big script so let’s make sure we close this chapter of your story with the love and attention it deserves – an engagement session.

The engagement session perfectly captures this chapter of life. We’re going to collaborate to create imagery fitting of the greatest meet cute the world has ever known. The location(s) will be chosen because they are significant scenes in the story – the place he proposed, your favorite picnic spot, where you two met, etc. The goal is for you to look at these images and be brought back to what life was like when you were just two people in love.

Plan to have fun and be yourselves. This session is relaxed and not overly posey so just be yourselves and trust your new friend photographer to make you look great. Oh, and every love story deserves to be in a printed book so I include an 8×8 session book, which is a linen-covered book with images we choose together included. It’s a great piece you can show friends and family when they visit.

My Approach

This session is all about having fun with your best friend. Ideally, you two will just do your cutesy little things and I’ll capture the authentic moments you create. However, some folks (me included) become completely locked up in front of a camera. That’s where my lame jokes and guidance come into play. I’ll give you some direction on how to pose so you look your best, but keep it natural and true to you. The most important thing is to relax and have some fun.

Location is important because it tells a big part of the story. That’s why I encourage you to choose a location that has some significance. Clothing is important too, but the most critical aspect of clothing is to wear something you’re confident in. The camera picks up on that uncomfortableness and it’ll show in the final images. Feel free to bring multiple looks – casual, formal, seasonal, etc. When in doubt, keep it simple. After all, we’re photographing the connection between you two, not a runway show, although you’ll look like a couple of models nonetheless.

No matter what, we’re gonna have some fun and we’re gonna create some awesome photos!

Selected Engagement Session Images

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