Engaged Couple

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are all about having fun and capturing original images that tell your story. We'll collaborate on a location and have a blast making images that are authentic to you.

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Bridal portrait

Bridal Session

Bridal sessions are all about you and that dress. We'll pick a location that bests suits your style and will best compliment your dress. I'll also guide you on posing and help you to look great in all your photos.

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Wedding Day

Wedding Day

It's the big day! I'll be there to capture the whole day, from start to finish, in a documentary style that allows you to enjoy the day and get the images that you will cherish forever.

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It's gotta be real. Authentic & faithful

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not staged and faked. Life is what I photograph and to do so means I capture images from an intimate perspective.

The results are authentic, faithful photos that I feel are the best representations of the story you hired me to capture.

Couple walking

It's gotta be fun. Laughs all around

It's an uneasy feeling being in front of a camera sometimes. I totally get that. I'm no comedian, but my self-deprecating humor and lame photographer jokes are sneaky good at setting you at ease and allowing us to create images that are loose, vibrant and fun.

This shouldn't be a drag. It's gotta be fun, so we have fun.

Couple laughing

It's gotta be good. Professional touch

It's not a sexy feature, but its an absolutely necessary one. Professionals deliver, treat you with love and respect and genuinely care about their craft. I'm constantly working on creating better images, better relationships and finding better ways to deliver finished images, whether that be digital of physical.

You deserve the professional touch.

Couple on a swing