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What's A Session Like?

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The Engagement Session

These sessions are designed to be fun, unscripted and more fun.

It starts with the location. We'll choose somewhere that first and foremost suits you. It's a part of the story and we want the location to be significant.

Once on location the fun begins. We'll spend the first few minutes covering some basics of how to look good for the camera, but we'll focus on keeping things natural for you.

What do I do with my hands!?

Sometimes you just don't know what to do with those hands and you can accidentally do other things that might add more visual weight where there isn't any.

I'll step in and give you some tips to fix those things and have you looking your best.

The camera lies!

It's true, the camera lies. Some of these lies are little white lies and some are downright rude. A camera in the hands of an experienced photographer will only tell those white lies and make you look your best.

A camera in other hands will have you second guessing your diet and exercise plan. Yikes!

The Bridal Session

We're still gonna have fun, but bridal sessions can definitely be more work.

We're gonna start with the location again. We usually choose a place that's more visually appealing or elegant for bridal sessions.

By the time we're at the bridal session, there is already a rapport and you know all the tricks to look your best. Given that, the bridal session is usually a little faster paced.


Bridal sessions are usually done two to four weeks before the wedding. This allows us time to get any images printed for the wedding and to get the dress cleaned if needed.

Your Beauty Crew

Whether it's mom or sis or a helpful maid of honor, feel free to bring along a beauty crew. They add to the fun and extra eyes are always helpful.

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